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Increase your innovation power

Increase your scope

Learn early in varietal development

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Increase your scope

Learn early in varietal development

Reduce risks

Check your varietal knowledge

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Plant & Product Characteristics

Way of working

We observe plants and measure product characteristics of new varieties with an independent eye at the earliest possible stage of varietal development. Data is recorded and compared with data of varieties in our database. Varieties with a similar flavour level are subjected to a consumer preference assessment to determine their positioning. At the end of the year you will receive a trial plan containing all potential tomato varieties which have been selected by Variety Matching and which match your search profile.

Matching varieties

Notification service

With our Notification Service, you automatically receive a notification when a potential variety is discovered that matches your search profile. In this way you are always aware of the latest varietal developments.

‘Standing still means going backwards’

~ Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder (1926 – 1989)

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Expand your search area

Thanks to a large international network of breeding companies, you have access to an extensive new variety range each year. We search for you or with you. That way you won't miss anything! We help you increase your chance of success. In addition, we invest in varietal knowledge for indoor growing, multilayer cultivation and variety-specific lighting recipes.

Variety Matching internal view

early development stage

Variety Matching scouts for better varieties and innovations at the earliest possible stage of the product life cycle. Broad and independent knowledge of varieties in the early development phase lead to a greater chance of success of trials for our customers and greater innovative strength.

Variety Matching TOBRFV brown rugose virus risc reduction

Risk reduction

Testing varieties involves risks and high costs. Innovating producers are especially susceptible to this problem, due to the high number of varieties tested. By comparing varieties at an early stage, Variety Matching helps to minimise the selection of potential trial varieties and avoids unnecessary variety testing. This reduces labour costs and limits risks.

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