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Our mission

Together with our partners Variety Matching strives to create access for consumers to tasty varieties chosen by the consumer, which are bred by breeding companies in a responsible manner and which are grown in a way that consumers consider to be sustainable. In this way we aim to increase the consumption of sustainable, tasteful and healthy food.

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what drives us?

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Variety Matching has 23 years of experience in horticulture and an extensive international network. By focusing on the largest crop grown under glass, we are specialised in professional tomato cultivation. The need of international producers for objective variety information, our passion for innovation, flavour, market-oriented product development and sustainability, led to the establishment of HOdds in 2014. Since 2021 our name has changed into Variety Matching.

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Our drive

In Variety Matching our passion comes together with the need of breeding companies, growers, retail and consumers to get the best varieties on the shelf. Variety Matching wants to cooperate with partners towards a market-oriented, sustainable and flavourful food chain in which the consumer gains a greater understanding of the production process, the consumer is involved in the choices that must be made in the chain and in which the consumer becomes aware of the influence of these choices on the product they buy.

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We work for producers, supermarkets and together with breeding companies and consumers with the aim to realise a market-oriented and sustainable food chain. This gives us an independent position and enables us to deliver objective information and results to our clients.